Last week the Sidewalk Hustle team headed to beautiful Ibiza, Spain to test driver the slick new Lexus LC. Celebrated for its musical heritage, having played host to some of world’s most innovative music artists, Ibiza was the perfect location to showcase Lexus’ ambition to create amazing experiences in the realms of music, art and technology.

Set against the backdrop of the breathtaking Balearic coastline, Lexus hosted guests from across the globe to take part in an immersive LC driving experience first hand. The event gave us the chance to experience the drive from behind the wheel of the new luxe LC.

The LC is the figurehead of an evolving vehicle development culture at Lexus, which embraces an unprecedentedly close collaboration between design and engineering teams to create new models. The designers and engineers worked in lock-step throughout development to ensure that every component works together to take full advantage of LC’s inspired performance capabilities. Trust us, this beautiful car was a beast on the road. As we raced along the twisting and turning Ibizan roads with ease, the symbiosis between car and driver was never clearer.

Featuring an all-new rear wheel drive platform, a 471 HP gas engine, the LC is the worlds first luxury vehicle with a 10-speed automatic transmission, a wind-cheating chassis, and low profile tires, all of which serves to ensure that every drive is nothing short of amazing. Literally, amazing.

The dynamic luxury theme of the exterior is carried through into the LC’s 2+2 cabin, designed to provide both a high degree of driving pleasure with its combination of elegance and a superb comfort, sophistication and intricate attention to detail with a driver-focused cockpit.

Speaking of the cockpit, for a low profile sports car, the interior was comfortable af! Having been ergonomically designed to invite “spirited driving,” everything is intuitively laid-out maximizing direct feedback of the vehicle’s dynamic performance.

Racing through the hills and coastline of beautiful Ibiza, ripping down the country roads effortlessly, it was easy to let slip that their was an enforced speed limit. If you haven’t watched the video that SH founder Tristan Banning made whilst in Ibiza be sure to press play below and get ready to fall in love with the new Lexus LC.