Know a DJ? Tattoo artist? Graphic designer? PR expert? Event manager? If you live in Toronto, chances are you’re an artist, you work with artists or you know people in the industry. Toronto is mad packed with talented people — and so, it’s the perfect place for the Canadian launch of Playbook Hub, a new online talent booking system that’s completely free.

If you’re an artist, Playbook Hub offers you everything you need: a place to host your portfolio or display content, a list of available gigs, an invoice and payment system and exposure. As someone in the industry, you’ll be able to customize your search needs to find what you’re looking for: a muralist for your client’s ad, a DJ to play your launch party, a graphic designer to redesign your logo, and so forth. The site is streamlined, user friendly and easy to use. It’s what we needed but didn’t even know we needed.

Playbook Hub was born just last year in South Africa and is quickly growing throughout the world. Toronto was a natural fit for its Canadian launch, as our city is overflowing with creatives.

A few weeks ago, a launch party hosted by MUCH Music’s Tyrone Edwards saw local talent and celebrities along with bookers, movers and shakers — pretty much the dopest networking event.

We’re on board with this platform’s exciting concept — as a streamlined service for everyone involved in the business, artists can focus on their art and booking agents can simplify and refine their work as well.

We’re sold and can’t wait to start using Playbook Hub to connect with local talent.

What are you waiting for? Head to Playbook Hub now to see for yourself!

*This post was sponsored by Playbook Hub, however the opinions expressed are our own.