Introducing Holt Renfrew’s H Project

Holt Renfrew H Project

Yesterday at Holt Renfrew’s Bloor Street flagship we had the pleasure of experiencing a brand new in-store shop just launched called H Project. Led by Alexandra Weston, Holt’s director of brand strategy, in collaboration with Janson Goldstein, H Project features a well-curated selection of apparel, beauty products, home decor, and accessories focused on supporting amazing artisans, their unique products, which in some cases have a charitable and or sustainable aspect.

Located at the top of the third floor escalators at the Toronto location, H Project pilot locations are also open in Vancouver and  Calgary, leading into the fall when a full concept space will open at their Yorkdale location. While at the unveiling of the space we spotted must haves like Acca Kappa beauty products, Lizzy Fortunato clutches, exclusive Jenny Bird jewellery, Virginia Johnson banana totes, Cornelia Guest bags, Lemlem apparel, Michael Roger’s Decomposition Notebooks, Aish jewellery, and some super awesome silkscreened house pet pillow from Areaware to name a few. 

Toronto based textile designer Virginia Johnson was in attendance at the launch (swoon!) and worked directly with Holt’s to create a limited edition reusable bag which they had artisans hand silk screening on site. With such a stellar selection of amazing products (mostly reasonably priced) we highly recommend you stop by H Project immediately to snap up some of these unique items. It may even be worth starting your Christmas shopping for your Mom early this year!

Take a look through the products currently on display in the Toronto location below.

Holt Renfrew H Project-2

Holt Renfrew H Project-3

Holt Renfrew H Project-4

Holt Renfrew H Project-5

Holt Renfrew H Project-6

Holt Renfrew H Project-7

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Holt Renfrew H Project-9

Holt Renfrew H Project-10

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