Introducing: Dynasti ‘The Imperial Collection’


Straight out of Hong Kong, Dynasti is a fresh new label that was started by local style pioneers, Zhang Bing and Koleman Chan, in September 2014. After years of studying fashion, bouncing around freelance jobs in the industry as stylists, art directors, models, and photographers, the two decided to create a new fashion brand by emerging traditional Chinese culture and modern contemporary trends for the modern youth generation.

The pair create an incredibly bold fusion of Chinese traditional culture with a modern fashion aesthetic emphasizing detail. The Imperial Collection is inspired by the traditional Chinese royal glamour found within the Forbidden City and displayed by the King and his concubines. All the logos on the clothes are hand-stitched by the two designers, including the gold Chinese characters, while champagne straps with totem patterns, dragon embossed metal embellishments create interesting accents to staple cuts. Embellishment aside the clothing is designed to be multipurpose and accessible for everyday urban wear.

Within a mere couple of months, Dynasti has already gained international exposure in France’s I Heart magazine, Spain’s Fucking Young, and collaborated with Australia’s Teale Coco. At the moment, the pieces are only sold at their online store and are stocked at exclusive boutiques in Spain and Australia. Koleman and Bing have big plans brewing to come to North America in the near future and we’re excited to be able to get our hands on some of their pieces closer to home.

Shop the Imperial Collection and their previous Kuji Kiri Collection on their site here!