Do you remember that feeling of pure joy and happiness when you would crack open a fresh box of Crayola Crayons as a kid? Did you give them a good sniff? Maybe that was only us…

Regardless, you’re about to experience that pure excitement and joy all over again with the new beauty collaboration with Crayola and ASOS! Just breathe! We know it’s exciting. The collection offers 58 beauty essentials and comes complete in the original Crayola packaging we know and love including everything from highlighter crayons, lip crayons, and mascara to blush crayons a sparkly brush kit and case (because, yah, you need that!).

It also includes some incredible eye shadow palettes that are pigmented so gorgeously you’re going to want to buy them all twice. This insane beauty partnership boats 95 vivid shades to choose from, so you’ll definitely never be bored, and you’ll always need to try a new one.

All 58 pieces are available now online at Did we mention there’s free shipping to Canada? Get on it people!