Toronto tech startup Cast has launched an anonymous social voting platform, in an exciting attempt to remove friction in online conversations. What does this mean exactly? This means that Cast is the platform where you can engage in authentic, honest conversations based on your interests, without the worry of having your opinions tied to your online presence. Engage in Casts (essentially online polls) on virtually any topic you like, and see what the public truly thinks of the topics that you find the most riveting. Cast was developed by three friends who wanted to find a fair way to settle debates; now anyone can make use of their invention to get an accurate pulse-check on how the public feels about any topic they like.

“Social media is experiencing a shift from active participation to passive consumption, which can lead to a misrepresentation of public opinion,” says George Boutsalis, Cast Co-founder and CEO. “Our team has come up with a solution that removes friction to participate in online conversations and allows users to express their honest opinions and be their authentic selves without the fear of public scrutiny.”

One great thing about Cast is the ability to change your vote at any time, providing real-time public results as interests and hot topics change over time. This allows for a more accurate picture of current public opinions on virtually any topic under the sun.

How will you use Cast? Researchers would have easy access to public opinions on any topic; the everyday person can Cast for answers on who provides the best car insurance, pizza, fitness apps… the possibilities are endless.

Cast is available worldwide and is free on the app store for Android and iOS. To learn more, visit