It should come as no surprise that we here at Sidewalk Hustle LOVE coffee, almost as much as we LOVE coffee. After spending years travelling to and exploring some of the most wonderful places on earth, we honed in our taste for the perfect cup of joe. One of the first things we would do when arriving in a new city was to find the “best” and/or closest coffee shop to where we were staying, secure a hot cup and grab some beans to take home. From this, we decided it was time to cut out the middleman and create our own coffee brand. We’re pleased to introduce you to Carry-On Coffee Club.

Starting our journey with two inaugural premium beans, First-Class from the birthplace of coffee Ethiopia, and Buckle Up from Columbia, we wanted to take you on an adventure, whether familiar or brand-new, through taste.  While our beans carry a fair trade certification, all our coffees are carefully sourced with the farmers in mind. Many of the plantations have been visited by our sourcing partner; our goal is to bring you coffee directly from the source, ensuring fair compensation to the hard-working farmers. This is more than fair trade, it’s direct trade.

Once the perfect bean is found and sourced, it is then roasted at a state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Montreal Canada, by our award-winning head roaster. Each bean is roasted to its optimal level of deliciousness and bagged and shipped. Our beans have travelled the world and are on their way to their final destination: you.

So kick back and let us fill your mug with premium brews from the world’s greatest coffee regions. Buy your beans now at now!