Interview with WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS Stars Zac Efron, Emily Ratajkowski, & Director Max Joseph

WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS Zac Efron Emily Ratajkowski Max Joseph

Last weekend we had the chance to sit down with WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS stars Zac Efron, Emily Ratajkowski, and director Max Joseph on their tour stop in Toronto. The film is set for release one August 28th and takes an “in depth look” at the EDM scene.

After the screening we climbed into a tour bus for a three way interview. Check it out below.


Sidewalk Hustle: Welcome to the 6ix. Are you having a good time?
Zac Efron: Hell yea.
Emily Ratajkowski: Yup!

SH: Thoughts on Drake?
Zac: Huge Drake fans.
Max Joseph: Oh my god we just spent a whole two car rides just blasting Drake.
Emily: They’re on Max’s SnapChat which I’m gonna drop right here because I know it means a lot to him.
Max: You didn’t even drop it.
Emily: Max’s SnapChat.

SH: Last record everyone bought?
Zac: I just bought Compton on iTunes, Dre’s new album.
Emily: I don’t buy albums anymore, but I downloaded Joanna Newsom’s new single.
Zac: Favourite new song and video is “Alright” by Kendrick Lamar for sure.
Max: I think I physically bought a record, the last record I bought was Graceland (by Paul Simon).
Emily: Cute.
Zac: And you bought me the Talking Heads.
Max: That’s right!
SH: Which one?
Emily: Speaking in Tongues?
Max: I think it was Stop Making Sense.
SH: Have you seen the movie?
Zac: Naw.
Max: I didn’t get him the dvd just the record.
Emily: You need to see it.

SH: House VS Techno?
Zac: Ooooooooo!
Emily: Techno
Max: I was just in Berlin a couple days ago and the techno coming out of there was pretty awesome, but I think I’m a progressive house guy.
Zac: I don’t know. I’m torn because Wes Bentley (who plays the role of a DJ named James) got me into techno, and like you know, Soundcloud and blah blah blah.
Max: Wes used to make music.
Zac: Wes used to be a legit DJ and go out and preform with vinyl. And he got me into techno during filming so I really dig techno.

SH: Dubstep VS Reggae?
Emily: Reggae.
Max: Dubstep.
Zac: Oh man. How can you compare?
Max: They’re two different things!
SH: That’s the whole point.
Emily: She’s making us choose.
Zac: Oh if I can only listen to one – then I choose reggae.
Max: That’s like apples or lasagna.
Emily: That’s not a hard question, lasagna easy.

SH: Disco VS Trap?
Max: Disco.
Zac: What kind of trap? There’s so many kinds. You talking about like real trap? Or Santa Barbara trap? Or the hood trap?
SH: What do you prefer?
Max: Is LOUDPVCK Santa Barbara?
Zac: LOUDPVCK is like, Montecito. I like LOUDPVCK trap music, they’re a good trap band.

SH: We heard Zac has a thing for rap music. Any new hip-hop or coming rap artists you’re really hype about?
Max: These two love Kendrick Lamar
Zac: Kendrick Lamar!
SH: He’s not really new…
Emily: Fetty Wap is a new one I really like. Rich Homie Quan.
Zac: Chance The Rapper I really like.

SH: Classic jam that gets you going? What gets you grooving at a cheesy wedding?
Max: “Jump (For My Love)” by The Pointer Sister
Emily: That’s great. God damn it.
Zac: Any young Michael Jackson track.
Emily: I don’t know if they would play “Erotic City” (by Prince) at a wedding. I love that song. Oh – “Twist & Shout”!
Max: Wait, which version thought Elvis or The Beatles?
Emily: Beatles.

SH: Best party you’ve ever been to?
Max: Not my bar mitzvah, I cried at my bar mitzvah.
Emily: *singing* “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to”
Max: The DJ was not good and they were not playing all the –
Emily: They weren’t playing things at 128 BMP!
Max: They were not playing all the hip-hop that I wanted them to cus they had to appease all the older folks and I got really mad. So my bar mitzvah was not the best party to the chagrin of my parents.
Emily: I had a 17th birthday party, my birthday is in June, and we had Halloween in June party. It was really fun and the cops came. Everyone was dressed up.
SH: What was your costume?
Emily: Like a 60s girl. It was cool. I had a black wig. It was pretty rad.
Zac: Best party of my life was probably this epic one we threw I was like 6 and it was at Chucky Cheese’s. Very rad. All my friends showed up, we had cake, all the candles were LIT. It was crazy. It was so sick. I’ll never forget it.

SH: You smoke a lot of joints in this movie. What was the weed that you all smoked on set?
Emily: Haha!
Zac: What was that was terrible, terrible stuff…
Max: You hated that.
Zac: It’s awful.
Max: It got in your eyes. It’s sage?
Zac: It’s a different mix of herbs that doesn’t even produce a good amount of smoke, but it’s hard on your lungs.
Emily: But it looks efficient.
Max: It gets in everyone’s eyes and it makes they’re eyes really messed up. Which kinda works. It worked for Cole (Zac’s character), Cole definitely looks stoned.
Zac: It sorta just gives you a low grade headache. I think I smoked, what was it, 30 joints in one day?
Max: Yeah that was a lot. We just had someone rolling all day long.

SH: Alright last question, favourite cocktail?
Max: Whiskey.
Emily: I like a Hendrick’s Martini, dirty with two olives.
Max: Wow, that’s specific.
Zac: I like a lot of green juices like kale and stuff. Like kale and beets. Yeah.
Emily: All about turmeric and ginger?
Zac: All kinds of weird stuff man. I like to juice it myself.