Celebrating Women’s History Month, “#IfThenSheCan – The Exhibit” features 120 life-size 3D statues of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Now on display at the Smithsonian Gardens in Washington, D.C., the museum said this is the “largest collection” of women statues ever assembled in one location.

Each subject stood in a scanning booth while 89 cameras and 25 projectors worked to generate a 3D image. To print the image, a machine built up layers of acrylic gel. It took around ten hours to create the full-sized 3D-printed human figure.

According to a 2016 study from former United States Treasurer, Rosie Rios, 10 of the largest U.S. cities displayed fewer than a half-dozen statues of women in public. This exhibit hopes to stir up attention to that ratio problem, all while honouring successful, gifted women.

“#IfThenSheCan” is on until March 27.

There is also a free digital library of images and video for your viewing pleasure.

In 2020, the exhibit had previews at the Central Park Zoo in New York City, the Dallas Love Field Airport, and the full exhibit debuted at NorthPark Center in Dallas in 2021.

Below is a selection of the women included in the exhibit. Head here for more info.

Kristen Lear –  Bat conservationist

Beata Edyta Mierzwa  – Molecular biologist and artist

Neha Murad (Ph.D.) – Biomathematician

Tiffany Panko (M.D., MBA) – Women’s health researcher

J’Tia Hart (Ph.D) – Chief scientist and nuclear engineer

Miriam Fuchs – Astronomer and telescope specialist

Lindsey Dietz (Ph.D.) – Financial economist

Heather Chandler – Game developer

Bridget Coughlin (Ph.D) – Aquarium CEO and science connector

Afua Bruce (MBA) – Computer engineer

Charita Castro (Ph.D.) – Social science researcher

Myria Perez – Paleontologist and fossil preparator

Photos courtesy: If/Then