i-D Back To The Future Feat. Kanye West, Kate Moss, Abbey Lee, & Dree Hemingway

You’ve seen a few of these covers on Sidewalk Hustle before, we love anything Dree Hemingway and Abbey Lee Kershaw, but the final covers of i-D Magazine‘s Back To The Future issue feature a couple of bigger names.

It’s the final part in i-D’s 30th anniversary trilogy and they’re clearly seeing stars, specifically Kanye West and Kate Moss. The four covers each bare a unique word, symbolic of the dialog and exclusives within the particular issue; i-D says Disarm refers to “a relentless, apocalyptic vision of beauty”, Amaze to “Dree Hemingway [and her] personality to captivate”, Inspire to “Kate Moss [as she] collaborates with Longchamp and continues to define style”, and Impress to “Kanye [being] one of the most vocal, provocative superstars today.”