With 2017 already underway we, like most are taking some time to reflect on all the good and some of the bad that happened in the past year. We’ve already shared our top albums of 2016, but today we encourage you to dig into fifty of our favoruite music videos that stuck with us through the year.

Much like an album, a music video gives us a further look into the artists mind, allowing us to visually see the song unravel and connect to their creative process in an emotional way. Below are the fifty videos of 2016, in no particular order.

“Hold Up” by Beyoncé

LEMONADE. Need we say more?

“I Wanna Boi” by PWR BTTM
Directed by Liv Bruce & Anneliese Cooper

Starring Liv Bruce, a blow-up doll & Best Supporting Actress Ben Hopkins. Together (minus the blow-up doll) the two make-up the queer-punk glitter icons PWR BTTM when they’re not busy giving good face like they do in this video. This song is off their fantastic debut album Ugly Cherries. Also shout outs to Liv’s “Muscles & Mascara” shirt.

Mac Miller by Dang! featuring Anderson. Paak

Off The Divine Feminine. There’s primary colours. There’s a looping story line. There’s a track you can’t help but play on loop. Dang! Indeed.

“Quite Like You” by Andy Shauf
Directed by Chad van Gaalen

The always trippy and oh so talented Calgary singer/songwriter/artist Chad Van Gaalen, takes Shauf’s concept of The Party  to an alien world full of all the same feelings we have here on Earth.

“New Phone (Who Dis)” by Cakes Da Killa

From the new album Hedonism  which dropped this past fall & off the Adult Swim singles series. This ain’t just some lyric video. This is an sickening animated music video that features the lyrics because they are that dope. The track is about being bombarded with bullshit, dealing with it cus you’re a bad-ass and thusly going out looking cute to only have your ex all up in your shit, so you just text “new phone who dis?” It’s about standing up for yourself and having your own back. It’s about loving yourself and being ruthless to those who don’t appreciate how iconic you are.

“Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd featuring Gucci Mane

We’re putting in the official music video because we can’t link to every  Mannequin Challenge  and when a track reaches meme status it doesn’t even matter cus that shit is iconic. Can’t not include it.

“Shithole” by Weaves
Directed by Trevor Blumas

Toronto weirdo-art popsters Weaves have been blowing up over the past year since they release their debut, self-titled album & “Shithole” is a stand-out fav and the video features front woman Jasmyn Burke who explained the song & video such: “It depicts the build up and break down of myself through the different looks. I wrote the song when I was living in a shitty place and was feeling kind of down, but the mysterious thing is I have no recollection of writing it. I found it on my computer one day.”

“Angels” by Chance The Rapper featuring Saba
Directed by Austin Vesely, animation by Hebru Brand Studios

A love letter to Chance’s hometown of Chicago where he’s plays a flying angelic // super-hero version of himself, spreading the posi vibez. Where would we be without Chance’s essential positivity. Things may seem dark but at least there’s a Chance.

“PERFECT” by Tyler, The Creator featuring Kali Uchis and Austin Feinstein
Directed By Wolf Haley

From CHERRY BOMB , directed by Wolf Haley (AKA Tyler, The Creator) & featuring On The Rise star Kali Uchis alongside the chill as heck Austin Feinstien. Tyler has always been a talented director known for his controversial work but “PERFECT” evaporates through a chiller filter in which Tyler is covered in butterflies instead of blood.

Directed by Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux

Anyone who’s a fan of PUP knows the Toronto dudes have been onto the talents of Finn Wolfhard before there were any Stranger Things to know of. In 2014, PUP released their video for “GUILT TRIP ,” an origin story of sorts with a cast of young actors playing each of the band members. The story continues with “SLEEP IN THE HEAT,” an ode to the pets we love and those we’ve lost. If this doesn’t make you cry then you have a cold heart.

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