Humans at Parts & Labour in Toronto

Yes. You read correctly. There were indeed live Humans in Toronto. Now let’s explain…

Humans are two BC boys by the names of Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq. After meeting by chance via commissioned folk music merchandise design, the handsome pair of gentlemen hooked up and have been creating some pretty great electronic tunes ever since. When we last caught up with them during TIFF’s Festival Music House they had us dancing despite an early time slot, so we were curious to see how Friday night’s set at Parts & Labour would go. Suffice it to say we were not disappointed. No not at all. Here’s how the evening begun…

The lights went off and our inhibitions faded. Parts & Labour’s basement venue, The Shop, soon became quite cozy, with the turnout of hipsters busting moves in their touques and cardigans – not that we’re complaining. Humans played their various robotic toys (all set upon a table draped with a zebra pattern cloth) as the crowd soaked up their energetic sounds with shimmys and shakes. “Avec Mes Mecs” in particular results in nothing but good times with lyrics such as…

I’m gonna text you 
so I dont do it when I’m high 
I’m gonna sex you 
cause I can’t do it when I’m high

Who knew… All we had to do was party

Yep. That’s some pretty good stuff.

When their set came to a close the crowd’s wish for an encore was enthusiastically granted as one of the boys exclaimed “Kay we don’t have any more songs so we’re just going to write a new one right now!”  Currently on tour, Humans are stopping by New York this week for a small handfull of CMJ shows which we recommend you check out, if you like fun.