How to dress like a regular at the casino

People around the world have always loved to wear stylish clothes and rock the latest fashions. Although we all have our own take on what suits us or what the hottest trends in fashion are, it can also pay to take inspiration from external sources. While the latest shows at big events like NY Fashion Week help, what we see online or in magazines and TV commercials also plays a part.

When it comes to what we wear in our free time, certain activities call for certain looks. Playing casino games at land-based sites is a case in point and leads to regular casino goers adopting certain looks. These can often be quite dapper and result in people trying to copy these looks in everyday life. By mimicking what casino regulars wear, people can achieve some of the same glitz in their own lives. Of course, people who play casino games online might also choose to do this as well.

Despite internet casino games having no formal dress code to follow, you might sometimes feel like setting the mood by making the effort to dress like a casino regular when enjoying online classics such as roulette. This can actually be a nice way to freshen up your online casino experience and bring the authentic glitz of real-life casinos into your home.

But just how do you do it?

Go formal for that classic glamorous feel  

For many people, the best place to begin when adopting the look of a casino regular is formal. For men, this could mean popping on a suit and tie to nail the vibe you are trying to achieve. If you really want to go ultra-glamorous for that true James Bond casino style, a dinner jacket is also a good option. Just remember to pair it with a pair of black shoes to finish off the look.

By the same token, women who want to look like a regular at the casino might decide to don a glamorous evening dress and a pair of heels. If you pair this with a stylish handbag and elegant accessories such as bracelets, earrings or necklaces, you should hit the classic casino regular look perfectly. Doing this will make you feel like you are dressing for a night at the casino and can give you a real confidence boost.

Smart-casual is also a casino regular look

Although the classic casino style we know from TV or movies is shown above, this is not the only way to mimic it. Many land-based casinos now allow people to play wearing less formal, smart-casual clothes. This is therefore a great casino regular outfit to copy if you don’t want to don a dinner jacket or ball gown.

But how does the smart-casual look for casino regulars work? For men, this would usually be a shirt paired with trousers or dressy jeans. In addition, you could also add a standard jacket for extra elegance. In terms of footwear, smart trainers, loafers or deck shoes could also work well.

When it comes to women adopting this look, dressy jeans again also work well — although you could opt for a stylish daytime dress instead. Paired with wedges, glamorous ballet pumps or heels, this would nail the look perfectly.

Avoid dirty or worn-out clothes

Fashion is very important in our lives — whether it is high-end examples like Gucci’s Pineapple collection or more high-street fare. It is certainly key for dressing like a casino regular. However, you will not look like a regular if you wear dirty or damaged clothes. No regular casino goer would do this because they would not want to look down on their luck in front of other players they know. To dress like a regular, you must ensure the clothes you wear are clean and in good condition.

This does not mean you have to buy lots of new outfits to put on each time you adopt this look. Just make sure the clothes you wear have been washed and any areas of damage have been repaired. Do not forget to give your footwear a clean and polish too!

Dress like a casino regular

As the above shows, dressing like a regular at the casino is not actually that hard. This is great news for people who want to mimic this classic glamorous look in everyday life and for online gamers who might want to dress up like a casino pro when playing from home. If you have been waiting to give this style a whirl but did not know how to go about it until now, the above tips should help.