How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding, chances are you’ve spent hours on Instagram scrolling through wedding-related posts. What’s more, you’ve probably been searching for ideas that will make your ceremony and reception stand out and become an Instagram sensation. That includes paying attention to the decor, cake, bridesmaids’ dresses, and so much more. 

But what can you actually do to make your wedding more Instagram-friendly? We’ve rounded up a few ideas that will help you create a wedding worthy of the gram.

Use Nostalgia to Your Advantage

You won’t find anything more Instagram-friendly than a trip down memory lane. Vintage style is still all the rage, regardless of whether it’s fashion- or decor-related. And if you’ve decided to go with vintage-inspired invites from Joy, why not mimic the style throughout the whole wedding party? Choose to play with nostalgic elements as your wedding decorations.

If your parents still have your old childhood memories, try to find something you can use. For instance, opt for a vintage bicycle that you can decorate with boho-inspired flowers and a basket and lean it against the outside wall. 

An even better option would be borrowing a vintage car, which can serve as inspiration for selfies and photos. Make it unique by incorporating something you’ve never seen at wedding parties before.

Set Up a Photographing Nook

Although the idea of setting up a photo nook sounds easy, going through with the plan is a bit more complicated. With so many ideas to choose from, which one should you opt for specifically?

For instance, you could decide not to settle for one photo nook, especially if you’re throwing a large wedding. After all, giving your guests more options to create romantic selfies will surely get you some likes and hearts on Instagram, so why not go big? 

Also, you could opt for playful backdrops or an area with balloons. Trust us — your guests won’t be able to resist their urge to snap a couple of selfies. 

Go Bold

Interestingly, many wedding planners and couples opt for muted colours when it comes to decorating. Although this kind of aesthetic looks quite pleasant, it’s not really Instagram-worthy. For photos that will be shared and reposted on the social network for days, opt for statement pieces.

A great tip is to choose complementing colours, thus creating a balance between neutral and bold options. You can even hang colourful statement pieces on the walls or from the ceiling for more selfie options.

Bring Your Furry Best Friend Along

What would your wedding be like without your furry best friend? If possible, train your dog to walk down the aisle carrying your wedding rings. Not only will that prove to be an Instagram-worthy moment, but it will also melt all the hearts in the audience.

Alternatively, bring your pet along as a part of the wedding. An increasing number of people have started to include their furry friends in the wedding party, especially if they’re well-behaved. You won’t regret sharing this day with your most loyal companion.

Create a Photo Wall

One of the most recent wedding trends includes creating a photo wall right there at the venue. Purchase one or two Polaroid cameras, depending on the size of your wedding party, and appoint someone to help you with the idea. 

Namely, you should let people take pictures and hang them on the photo wall. Maybe they can even write a sweet dedication or an inside joke. Not only will this be a hit at the wedding, but it will also turn out to be an idea worthy of the gram.