How Should you Dress for a Night at a Casino?

Suitable Attire for Casino Night

Between working from home and the general trend of increasingly informal workwear, opportunities to dress up are perhaps a little fewer than they used to be. One of the advantages of visiting a real-world Canadian casino is that you can slip into your glad rags, as well as indulging your risky side and seeing if you end up in the money.

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Swanky Canadian Casinos

Canada is one of the most prolific betting nations in the world, and this is reflected in the number and quality of real-world casinos throughout the country. From regular brick-and-mortar casinos through to the coolest and swankiest betting establishments Canadians with money to spare and a passion for trying their luck have plenty of places to relax with slots, cards, dice, and roulette. Not to mention top-notch in-house restaurants.

Casinos are about much more than the games, entertaining as they are. It’s also about atmosphere and the feeling that comes with that. There’s a glitz and glamour coupled with the excitement, and this does make them a special place to visit. This can also mean that players need to be aware of dress codes if they want to get in.

Top Online Canadian Casinos

It would be remiss of us not to mention the elephant in the room when it comes to visiting casinos in person. These days it’s impossible not to have one eye on the coronavirus pandemic and the current situation. Lockdowns have been widespread and may recur, either on a localized or national basis. Because of that, or sometimes just because it’s more convenient, it’s worth considering online casinos in Canada. Players from BC, ON, Quebec and other provinces can find all their favourite games in both regular and live dealer formats easily accessible at a great range of betting sites. Online casinos today are typically made to be entirely mobile compatible, many offering their own free apps for iOS, Android, and other operating systems. This makes them great for quick sessions or if you live some distance away from the nearest real-world casino. And, of course, if COVID-19 does rear its ugly head again, or if you’re in an at-risk group and don’t want to chance visiting a physical casino, they’re a great option.

The Mask -This Season’s Must-Have Accessory

Assuming you either live close enough to a top brick-and-mortar casino to visit in person, or if you’re enjoying a vacation close by, it’s important to turn up in appropriate attire. Losing a few hands at blackjack is one thing, but failing to even gain entry to the casino because you’re wearing ripped jeans is a whole other matter.

One thing to mention before we get to the nitty gritty is that COVID-19, at time of writing, is still a live issue. While many casinos are reopening with new safety measures such as social distancing, guests are generally required to wear masks. Whether you go for an understated plain black or white, or prefer fancier designs, always remember to take at least one. You may even prefer to have a couple, to match various outfits. It’s also worth knowing that different casinos may have varying measures on social distancing, with some opting for plexiglass between machines, others removing half the gaming table seats, and some advising empty seats but leaving it to players to act responsibly.

What to Wear

Likewise, individual casinos will each have their own specific dress code (although you can expect masks to be on most of them nowadays). However, there are some common rules to bear in mind. Just like job interviews, shoes are important. Roll up in sneakers and you’ll find it hard to get in. Wear flip-flops or sandals and you might as well not bother. Ensure your clothing is clean and trim. Shorts and t-shirts may or may not be acceptable, whereas buttoned shirts are a safe bet. And remember that the posher the establishment the stricter the dress code.

At the extreme end you could be looking at frock coats and tuxedos for men and (ball) gowns for women. More frequently, casinos will accept a variety of formal wear from dresses and collared shirts up to black tie. A sound rule of thumb is to consider smart office wear, which will usually suffice at all but the swankiest establishments.

It’s always important to be in appropriate attire, whether you are going on holiday somewhere nice, dressing to impress at a job interview, or turning up at a casino. If in doubt, consult the casino’s website to find the specifics of the dress code, but usually smart business wear will see you right.