How Buying Marijuana Online has Evolved Since its Legalisation in Canada

A lot has changed since 2018 when marijuana was officially legalized in Canada. We’ve survived a pandemic, Musk’s attempt to take over Twitter, and a Tiger King documentary, and through it all, we had cannabis. The legalization of weed has exploded into a market full of fun and useful items and services, all of which the Canadian government are able to regulate and tax to ensure the safety of those residents using it and so they can add to their coffers.

But this is the 21st century, where buying your items online is the obvious go-to, which means marijuana products have landed squarely at the centre of the internet’s attempts to be the world’s biggest shopping mall.

We’re looking at how buying marijuana online has changed since its historic legalisation in 2018.

Online marketing for marijuana products took off

With the legalisation of selling and buying marijuana, naturally came the legalisation of market marijuana and its products. The market exploded with interesting ways to use marijuana, like gummies, beef jerky and drinks, and, also, items to help store it, grow it, and new ways to enjoy it.

But even with the legalisation to market it, the government doesn’t want children’s eyes consuming marketing for cannabis products, and so online marketing has become the pioneering means of getting your legitimate marijuana business’ name out there. It’s especially helpful due to the fact that advertising marijuana comes with its own set of regulations that allows for advertising, but with heavy restrictions. According to the Cannabis Act, you can offer informational or brand reference promotion as long as there is no chance of eyes under 18 years old spying them.

And then there is the bread and butter of marijuana marketing: word of mouth. Word of mouth is a great asset in selling just about anything, as people are more likely to take a recommendation from a friend more than any brand. With the help of social media marketing, that word of mouth is greatly boosted, with products, reviews and recommendations the norm on any social media platform or ecommerce website.

There is a much wider range of products

The legalisation of marijuana products has caused a massive boom in choice. People with the resources and know-how to create interesting and innovative marijuana products have led the industry forward. You can find weed edibles online like gummies, drinks, and chocolate.

And it’s not just for the purpose of getting high, there are medicinal weed products designed to potentially treat sleep deprivation or anxiety, and CBD is infused in just about everything from skincare to haircare items as a beauty product. Marijuana, specifically CBD, has been claimed to aid everything from acne to split ends. CBD vitamins can be found on shelves next to cod liver oil, with merchants claiming that they ease pain and anxiety. 

Marijuana research is expanding

Even before the legalisation of marijuana in Canada, there was a growing interest in its effects. Marijuana has been touted as a means of potentially treating a range of conditions. There has been research into its potential effect on epilepsy, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and even aiding cancer patients by reducing the frequency of nausea during chemotherapy. It has been looked at as a potential treatment for pain due to its quality for treating inflammation, mental health issues due to its calming effect, and conditions that affect the immune system. 

Outside of Canada, medical marijuana is still very limited. The potential to aid all of these conditions and more hasn’t convinced governments around the world to decriminalise marijuana strictly for medical purposes, such as in the US, where the FDA has only legalised its use for two very rare forms of epilepsy: Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gaustat Syndrome. 

With the legalisation of marijuana, the Canadian health care system can expand its research on the potential benefits to health and hopefully land on some breakthroughs that are big enough and substantial enough to convince the world that there is something that can potentially do real good still illegal. 

Meanwhile, in Canada, people suffering from these ailments can buy marijuana products for themselves and potentially treat their pain, mental health and other conditions with the approval of their doctor and the Canadian government. 


There is a lot to buy when it comes to weed products, and the place to buy them is definitely online. Online you can determine what strain you want, what flavour or format you fancy, pay for it quickly and legally, and have it delivered to your door. As the market continues to expand, you can expect to see new products, new services, and new brands emerge online.