How Augmented Reality (AR) Will Change Online Gambling in Canada

You don’t have to be an Augmented Reality (AR) expert to see that the technology is the next step in gambling in Canada and around the world. You only need to look at how the technology is changing similar sectors in the entertainment industry to realize that we are all going to wear AR headsets when gambling ten years from now.

Video games, plays, and films are all changing for the better thanks to AR technology. It is now possible to be in the middle of an action scene and watch Hamlet from close while being in the comfort of your own home.

And while AR films and plays are great, it seems like the best use for Augmented Reality will be in revolutionizing online gambling. You can only imagine how much better the online gambling experience will be when that happens. Instead of opening a site, you’ll be walking into a virtual casino lobby and instead of clicking to spin the slots, you will pull the AR handle.

This might seem like something from a sci-fi film, but it will become reality sooner than you think. Here is how we believe augmented reality will change the online gambling industry in Canada:

Personalized gambling

One of the most appealing aspects of AR online gambling is the personalized experience you will get. Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that can be used in conjunction with AR can be a winning combination both for the casino and for the player.

The AI software will let the casino know which games might be ideal for the player based on his behavior. The casino will later suggest those games to the player when he is in Augmented Reality.

Let’s say you are at home with your AR headset on. Since the casino knows your game preferences, you will see all the gambling products that you may enjoy when you ask for a game. They will be laid out in front of you and you’ll only need to choose the one you feel like playing at that moment.

Take gambling to the next level

A casino can also use AR technology to take its games to a whole new level. It can design games with both traditional gameplay aspects and AR features.

For instance, let’s say it is 2030 and you are in Toronto. You are walking down the street and you are immersed playing a slot game in Augmented Reality. This is pretty impressive for today’s standards, but is nothing out of the ordinary in 2030.

However, when the bonus round comes, the game goes to a whole new level and the real magic happens. Instead of staying in the game, the game moves the action to the street.

There you suddenly see all the bonus rewards that you can collect. They are displayed as tags and are superimposed on shop windows, ATMs, buildings, etc. To make this more practical, the casino places all tags in 40 or 50-metre radius.

AR gambling assistant that can be personalized

The companies that work in the Augmented Reality field know the problems that people are facing when using the technology. To help in this regard, they will probably provide you with a personal assistant for the technology. Gambling operators can take this one step further and also give you your very own AR gambling assistant.

To make the whole experience more personalized, they will likely let you create the assistant. You will probably be able to choose his/her appearance, clothes, and other features.

So let’s imagine the following scenario. You are playing a game of blackjack and you have a question regarding the “soft” 17 rule at the casino. Instead of going through the rules and reading volumes of text, you ask your personalized and all-knowing AR assistant. She/he will tell you all you need to know at only a fraction of the time that you would spend to find the answer yourself.

In conclusion, the AR technology is already here, and it is a matter of time before gamblers start using it and enjoy online gambling at a whole new level. However, until Augmented Reality becomes our new gambling reality, we recommend playing only at tried and tested casinos. The online gambling sites in Canada listed at are all good options for those who like to test their luck.