The always a good time legendary House of Vans is back! This year coming to us in the form of an interactive digital pop-up experience. As always House of Vans brings together the Vans’ brand pillars of skate, art, street culture and music in a celebration of all. This year, due to the pandemic the traditional gathering has been adapted into an online experience featuring an interactive skatepark, community market, artist workshops and a streamed musical performance.

Starting March 22 to the 25 Vans is inviting you to connect, collaborate and create in their (admission-free) virtual world. You can register now to participate in the four-day interactive digital pop-up exclusively at Also when you sign up for a specific activity House of Vans will send you a kit in advance with all the stuff you may need.

Featuring programming with local artists, musicians, small-business owners and skateboarders including cookie decorating with Lindsey Gazel and a musical performance by recent Grammy winner KAYTRANADA,  just two of the Canadian creatives in the House of Vans line-up.

Peep the full list of activities and events happening at this year’s House of Vans below and we’ll see you at the digital party!



Vans has partnered with three artists to host private workshops where attendees can learn alongside the community. From March 15-17, users can RSVP online here. Workshops will be hosted on Zoom, with 40 attendees accepted per workshop and the final guestlist determined via raffle.



  • Cartooning with Jay Howell (Los Angeles, CA)
    • Known from his iconic Bob’s Burgers cartooning, Jay will teach the tips and tricks behind his trade. Attendees will receive a kit prior to the workshop with drawing supplies and Vans Customs


  • Cookie Decorating with Lindsey Bakes (Toronto, ON)
    • An expert baker, Lindsey will guide attendees on how the pros decorate cookies. Participants will receive a seeding kit prior to the workshop containing pre-baked cookies, icing and Vans Customs


Alongside these private workshops, evergreen tutorial videos from each artist will be accessible on the workshop floor and open to the public.



Inspired by small shops and their resilience throughout hardship, Vans is bringing back the community market, showcasing and selling the work of local artisans and vendors. Users can navigate the floor and visit each stall to make purchases.


Featured vendors include:



Vans and broadcasting platform Channel 66 have teamed up to give voice to upcoming musical talent, launching an ongoing radio platform where viewers can tune in any time to discover new tunes.

The main act will hit screens on March 24 at 9PM EST, opening with rapper Lou Phelps and headlined by Haitian-Canadian DJ and producer, KAYTRANADA.


House of Vans will showcase a group art show curated by Dan Climan at Montréal’s Galerie Anteism, with the exhibit digitally broadcasted to, where guests can purchase original artwork and prints. Twelve Canadian artists were commissioned to create unique pieces, with proceeds from sales donated to Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation and Nations Skate Youth.

Othello Grey, Jacqueline Ashton and Les Ramsay are among the participating artists.



Forever true to their skate roots, Vans will release a video and interview series highlighting boundary-pushing skate community leaders. This year’s programming includes a video interview by The Bunt with legendary skateboarder Alexis Lacroix, alongside video premieres from Calgary and Toronto-based skateshops, Ninetimes and Blue Tile Lounge. Annie Guglia