Hotel Amour Paris 2011 Calendar

It’s the only place we ever stay in on our visits to Paris because there’s just something so irresistibly thoughtful about every little nuance inside the famous So-Pigalle Hotel Amour and they’ve managed to capture a glimpse of the essence in their 2011 calendar release to mark the end of the year.

We always noticed the beautiful women elegantly fluttering between the dining tables and the front desk of the main floor who hardly speak a wink of English but look so impossibly chic it doesn’t matter, and this calendar captures those effortlessly french beauties with a revealing touch by the hotels artist-owner Andre.

With all the proceeds going to associations of child protection in the 9th arrondissement, this calendar would make a perfect Christmas gift for any lover of fashion and elegance (wink wink, nudge nudge). Take a look at some of the months below and a few personal shots of the delicious chambre we shared on our first ever stay there.