Hot Chip always deliver the goods. Consistently throughout the years, they simply bring it. Live, they bubble up under your skin and before you know it you’re grooving at the best dance party you been to in a minute. Earlier this year, Hot Chip released their sixth album Why Make Sense? which once again reminded us just how much we love Hot Chip, and why we’ve been listening to them for over 10 years. Yeah dudes, Hot Chip’s debut Coming on Strong came out in 2004. Time flies when you’re listening to good synth grooves.

Speaking of which, Hot Chip just released a dope VHS style video for their cover of “Dancing In The Dark” by Bruce Springsteen. While there’s no Courtney Cox dancing, the Keiran Evans directed clip is still pretty great + stay tuned for a mini LCD Soundsystem cover at the end. Check it out above.

Hot Chip also have a dope new remix of New Order + La Roux collaboration “Tutti Frutti.” Check out their take on the track below. We recommend you turn in up in your headphones.

Hot Chip’s Dancing In The Dark EP is out October 23 + the deluxe edition of Why Make Sense?  is due out October 24 on Domino.