Honey Mid Fafi X Adidas Originals & Adidas Originals Trefoil Hi

From Paris-based graffiti artist Fafi comes the 2010 Honey Mid Fafi for adidas originals. With stark white background, this kicks will have your spring wardrobe popping like Fafi’s graffiti did back in 1994 when it first graced the walls of her hometown Toulouse. She’s been an important fixture in the graffiti scene for a while now hustling her cute and sexy girl characters across the collection of adidas clothes and shoes and is about to release her very own comic book series.

These iconic Honey Mid Fafi kicks can be yours for only $85 USD from the adidas originals store in Soho NY.

And if the Fafi’s aren’t your thing, these Trefoil Hi kicks are pretty darn nice as well. These babies go for $100 US at adidas original Store.