Well, it was only a matter of time, and realistically probably should have already happened before a global pandemic, but, Honda has just created a “mask” for its vehicles. Designed with the Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science, the Honda Kurumask is designed to fit over the existing cabin filter. The Kurumask features millions of micro zinc-phosphate barbs that catch and kill 99.8 percent of airborne COVID-19 droplets in roughly 15 minutes and is good for 9,300 miles/15,000 kilometres. As this is all taking place on a microscopic level, the entire Honda Kurumask is safe to touch. Not to worry about Covid-19 covered hands.

Original Honda forecasted production of the Kurumask would take several years to develop but was of course expedited due to the global pandemic. Something we will now have to consider in all facets of life as we move forward. Expect to see more car brands actualizing something like this in the very near future.

The Honda Kurumask is priced at around $65 USD.