We’ve all got that friend, you know the one who orders hot water and lemon, has to have their celery juice every damn day, and just can’t live without Ashwaganda in their smoothie. It’s safe to say they’re alkalized af (maybe too much, and yes, that’s a thing), but there’s probably a few things missing from their wellness journey you’ll want to consider for the holidays. Whether they’re newly obsessed with wellness or not, we’ve rounded up some of the best gifts for the health junkie this holiday.

Moon Juice Cosmic Cocoa, $30 USD

We all know the antioxidant power of cacao but what if your hot cocoa could really take your mood to the next level? Enter Moon Juice’s all new Cosmic Cocoa which is all at once nourishing, decadent and arousing. Made with heirloom cacao, their signature Sex Dust and Spirit Dust, which contain mood and vibe boosting adaptogens, plus Ashwagandha, Shatavari, and Reishi, as well as creamy Tocos. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer too!

[ad] Reebok PureMove Bra, $70

Whether you’re a SoulCycle fanatic, Barre devotee or CrossFit addict, a top of the line sports bra is essential for every woman. This year, Reebok has got you covered, literally with its PUREMOVE bra. Designed with Motion Sense Technology and made of a revolutionary fabric, PUREMOVE provides responsive support no matter which way you move. With moulded cups for a second skin fit that minimizes chafing, and a single layer fabric with free cut edges to keep you cool, PUREMOVE provides absolute support and comfort whether you’re a 30 A or 38 DDD.

With two colour options (carote, a punchy orange, or classic black with a pop of colour on the interior) and half size options, this superior bra works for training as well as everyday wear through its minimalistic design. Whether your holiday list includes your sister who needs a bit of extra motivation to get to the gym or your best bud who wears sports bras more often than her lacy underwire, this is the essential bra of the year, offering luxury and practicality in one pop.

Martine Ali Palo Santo Keychain, $92 USD

Wellness isn’t just about diet and exercise, it’s also about mental health and energy. So why wouldn’t you want to carry Palo Santo around with you everywhere you go? You never know when you’ll need your holy wood to clear up a misfortune, set an intention, combat negative thoughts, or ward off mosquitos! We love this chic and ingenious little keychain from designer Martine Ali. Made in New York from brass dipped in heirloom silver with a sustainably harvested piece of palo santo sling on for the ride with plenty of room for other keys.

Addition Studio Marble Dumbell, $137

Fitness equipment so rarely factors in design. But not this chic Dumbell! Made from stunning natural Carrara marble, weighing in at 2.2-pounds, you won’t hate looking it this dumbell whether it’s sitting on a stack of magazines or in your hand pumping iron. It also doubles as a paperweight or a bookend.

PRNCPLS Natural Toothpaste, $10 USD

Amazing natural toothpaste is hard to come by, especially one that never runs out. PRNCPLS is an NY-based brand that not only makes an awesome natural charcoal peppermint toothpaste but with their subscription service, you’ll never run out of toothpaste again. Honestly who has time to worry about whats in your medicine cabinet when you can get on with your life?!

Each kit starts with a one month’s supply tube of the toothpaste and you can add or modify the delivery anytime.

[ad] Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE

Looking for the perfect gift for the one that has everything? Need a gift for the health junkie on your list? The Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE is the one. It’s stylish, flawless and does everything you need to stay connected and on top of everything in your life. Designed for an individual who prioritizes wellness, the Samsung Galaxy Watch offers an advanced sleep tracker and can measure your heart rate, track your weight, follow workout routines and stream music with wireless earbuds.

Enjoy the freedom without your phone whether you’re hitting the slopes, out for a run, or getting some shut eye. Even more, the watch allows you to check your emails, respond to texts, plan ahead for the weather and keep your appointments scheduled. Plus, it’s compatible with the SmartThings App, where you can control your home with a single touch. Choose from Silver, Rose Gold or Midnight Black and pick up this perfect little device at Samsung.com, Samsung Experience Stores, and select retailers across Canada.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Starter Kit, $58 USD

Four Sigmatic is bringing new meaning to magic mushrooms. Sadly these aren’t the kind that make you hallucinate, but they’re all the rage right now. Mushrooms and Adaptogens are one of the world’s most highly nutritious foods and have been found to help support healthy blood sugar levels, improve your skin, help with brain function, sleep health and more. It’s no wonder drinking mushroom tea is an age-old tradition.

This starter schroom kit includes everything you need to start feeling the benefits of schrooming: Mushroom Coffee with Lions Mane which should be consumed in the early morning, Mushroom Matcha with Lions Mane which should be consumed from 1-4pm, and Cacao with Reishi which should be consumed in the evening to unwind. Whole 30 approved!

Cuisinart Juice Extractor, $216.99

Is there someone on your list that’s on that daily celery juice tip? Friends don’t let friends struggle with blenders and strainers, so gift them an amazing juicer this holiday to take their juicing to a professional level. The 3 inch food tube allows you to easily push big chunks of pretty much any fruit or vegetable through with ease. The 5-speed control is fitted with a filter disk that controls foam so you get just the right amount of juice. It’s also got 1000 watts of power which is enough to take on pretty much anything without being super loud.


Province Apothecary Dual-Action Jade Facial Roller, $44 CAD

Never underestimate the power of crystals. Everyone’s already on the rose quartz rolling tip, so why not get on jade rolling too while you’re at it? This beautiful one from Province Apothecary is made from Xiuyan Jade and features both a smooth and studded end. The smooth end cools and calms the skin, eases muscle tension, and encourages lymphatic function, while the studded end helps to reduce the look of fine lines, releases fascia to the muscles, temporarily stimulates circulation and more.

Goop By Juice Beauty Discovery Set, $170 CAD

Goop has rounded out an amazing gift set including all their best-selling products in collaboration with Juice Beauty. Entirely organic, the set includes a revitalizing day moisturizer, enriching face oil, replenishing night cream, and their famed exfoliating instant facial. They’re all mini-sized so you can carry your whole skincare routine on the road when you travel.

Cha Cha Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder, $50

You can finally take home a little of your favourite NY-based matcha cafe. Cha Cha Matcha’s ceremonial grade matcha powder is not only cutely packaged along with their slogan “I love you so matcha” but is sourced from the same farm in Uji, Japan where the emperor gets his tea. These regal tea leaves are sun-bathed, shade-grown and milled by stone into a fine powder. Unlike other matcha powders, this one is blended with varietals from nearby farms to enhance its antioxidant power and umami. Pair it with a Japanese whisk to gift the perfect at home matcha kit.