December is finally upon us and the holiday season is in full effect, which of course means it’s time to start that shopping! As always, in preparation for your busy holiday season, we have gathered a list of items any dude in your life would be stoked on receiving. So start your scrolling and get to shopping!


[ad] Audible Membership, $14.95 CAD per month

You know how those long commutes are the worst, filled with endless scrolling on your phone and random coughing from those around you. Kind of like how the TV at the gym is always playing news shows with doom and gloom? That’s where Audible comes in to save the day and keep your outlook positive. is a great gift for anyone on your list (including yourself). They’re the world’s largest library of audiobooks in Canada. For us Canucks, there is a continually growing library curated by and for Canadians. Whether they are an avid reader, a constant traveller, or a timeline crusher, a good audiobook is a perfect escape to the realm of imagination. All the while going about your day as per usual. It’s one of the best things you can have, give, or receive.

Head to Audible’s gift center by visiting now and see all the plans they offer. From 1 month to 6 months or even a year, there is an option for you.


Every year some new hype brand takes centre stage of all the “cool guys” flexing their style out in the world and/or on Instagram. We see them, they are wearing something cool that all of a sudden we want ourselves so we can flex when we are out in the world. Well, this is where Toronto-based art collective  ARRANGEMENT STUDIO comes into play.  ARRANGEMENT STUDIO is a collective that explores current material & psychic landscapes through the creation of strategic audio recordings & product releases.

The tee is made from thick 6oz preshrunk jersey knit cotton. It features a 5 colour back screen print, as well as a front chest & inner tag print. Each item is heat-sealed & shipped worldwide in a super cool screen printed matte aluminum bag that can easily at as the wrapping paper for the gift!

For only $45 USD you can get that special someone that next wave of cool.


PlayStation Classic, $130 CAD

While the whole world is busy playing Fortnite, help set that special someone apart with a throwback to simpler times, with the PlayStation Classic Mini. Following in the massively successful steps of Nintendo’s miniaturized rerelease of their NES and SNES Classics systems, PlayStation is set to release their own tiny version of the console that started it all for them. Coming loaded with 20 original PlayStation games, including the classics Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and more.

The PlayStation Classic is set to release on December 3, exactly 24 years after the original system launched in Japan and will cost $100 / $130 CAN. The unit will ship with a HDMI cable, USB cable, and two wired controllers.


Chemex OTTO 6-Cup Coffee Maker, $350 USD

This is the perfect gift for anyone who LOVES coffee, so basically everyone. With the Chemex OTTO 6-Cup Coffee Maker, you can let the inner coffee connoisseur (snob) inside of all of us shine with that perfectly brewed cup of coffee. Featuring a stylish and super contemporary look the Chemex pourover coffee maker can fit effortlessly into any kitchen design. Designed to simplify the brewing process, this machine precisely pours water with a special sprayhead feature that wets the grounds with hot water, maximizing the extraction of the deep, rich flavours in every cup. Basically, you can enjoy ultra-clean, sediment-free pour over coffee anytime without compromising on the convenience. It even keeps your coffee warm on a hotplate. #Bless!

Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug, $79 CAD

Is there anything better than a hot cup of coffee (or tea) in the morning? How about if that perfectly hot cup of coffee actually stays hot? Well, meet the Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug. With the ability to program the precise degree for tea, coffee, and any other beverage you like to enjoy, the mug stays warm for an hour on its own and comes with a charging “coaster.” We find coffee is perfect at 98% Celsius.


The North Face Etip Salty Dog Knit Tech Gloves, $40 CAD

Every year we put some sort of tech usable glove into our guides because we know how important it is to be able to watch puppy videos and IG Stories during a snowstorm or deep freeze. This year we choose the Etip Salty Dog Knit Tech Gloves from The North Face because they look pretty fly and you know they will actually be warm. Featuring touchscreen-friendly fingertips with suede palm panel to provide the grip you need. Get your pair here, now for the reasonable price of $39.99 CAD.


malin+goetz Dark Rum Candle, $73 CAD

This one is easy. Everyone can stand to have a nice smell candle in their life. It really just makes everything a whole lot nicer. This year we recommend the Dark Rum candle from malin+goetz. Made using a beeswax, vegetable soy blend fragrance with sweet warm notes of rum, amber-patchouli and vanilla that creating a nice inviting ambiance. These candles will burn for approximately 60 hours so they are well worth the investment.


LEICA Sofort Compact Instant Camera, $650 CAD

Now that literally have one has a pretty solid camera on the phones, the ability to quickly snap off a bathroom selfie or videotape a horrible accident (without helping of course) is within everyone’s grasp. But if that special him in your life has a real (or even minor) interest in photography, we recommend the super cool super sleek LEICA Sofort Compact Instant Camera. Small enough to fit in a hand, it has a retractable automatic zoom, a small digital display on the back lets you customize every shot with an adjustable aperture, flash, timer and light settings. Once you get your shot the photos are physical, which means that the transient nature of life can actually be saved and put on your fridge.


Baxter of California REALLY Great Skin Set, $55 USD

Every year we recommend some set of skincare for your dude, and this year is no different. The importance of taking care of your skin, especially your face, cannot be stressed enough. It literally keeps you looking young, what’s not to get. This year we suggest the REALLY Great Skin Set from our friends over at Baxter of California. This holiday gift set features three caffeine enriched skin care top-sellers: the Daily Face Wash, Under Eye Complex, and Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream.