The holiday season is around the corner, so we decided to take some of the stress off with a gift guide for the music lover in your life. Take a look below.


1. The Compactie Travel Bag – $129.00

We love Seth Bogart and his latest single “Eating Makeup” featuring Kathleen Hanna, so of course we adore this amazing travel bag by Bogart’s line Wacky Wacko, featuring a rad pink print of “Eating Makeup” video star Compactie. Perfect for the pretty lil globe trotting bad-ass in your life.

hip hop family tree

2. Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 1: 1970s-1981 by Ed Piskor – $29.99

“This is the comic of all time.” – Biz Markie
“–Ed Piskor is the sh#t!!” – De La Soul
The vibe is Ken Burns-meets-Stan Lee. This encyclopedic comic captures the history of the formative years of hip hop featuring old-school pioneers like DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, plus cameos by Debbie Harry & Keith Haring. 


3. Too Old To Be New DFA Slipmat – $7.99

For your DFA Records obsessed friend who insists the LCD Soundsystem reunion rumours are true.


4. EarPeace Earplugs – $17.99

Make sure that concert goer you love doesn’t go deaf. Show them that you care and help them protect their listeners with some earplugs. There’s lots on the market, but if you don’t know what size ear holes your homie has (which we’re guessing you don’t) EarPeace HD Earplugs are known for their universal fit, plus they come with two sets of attenuation filters. The earplugs also come with a tiny case you can attach to your keychain so you never forget them.


5. OVO Wear: 6 God Beanie – $35 / Gold Owl Cap – $45

For the the real 6 gods in your life. Grab em’ before they sell out. If you’re reading this it’s too Drake.

tape converter

6. Tape 2 Go Digital Conversion Cassette Player – $14.99

Kanye Stich

7. Kanye Cross Stitch – $61.64

For the tape collectors in your life who may be lacking the tools to listen. This player not only helps you convert tapes into digital files, but the 1/8″ audio output enables you to listen on your stereo or headphones. Turn up.

For that cutie who’s always on the hustle. Iconic words from West, as retold by Dave Chappelle. Match with a YEEZY 2020 crewneck.

pax xo

8. Madness Tour Limited Edition PAX – $419.99

Whether you’ve got a special someone in your life who you can’t feel your face with or someone who you only call when it’s half past five, you’ll be sure to impress them with this limited edition The Weeknd PAX. It’s engraved with The Weeknd’s iconic XO logo and even plays “The Hills” when turned on. Oh, and it gets you high (for this).


Autobiographies and collections of criticism written by some game changers. For the riot grrrls and bois in your life. Bundle together as you wish, depending on what they’ve already read.



10. Sound Splash Wireless – $19.99

For all singing in the shower needs, this waterproof player streams music wirelessly from any Bluetooth music player including iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android devices and more. Sure to make a splash.