That holiday shindig season is already in full swing and while you might not have time to buy a new dress for every occasion, you definitely have a few minutes to update that makeup routine. The smoky crease is one of our favourite takes on the traditional smoky eye; it adds a bit of edge to your regular makeup routine and helps to define the natural curvature of your eye.

Ready!? Here’s how to get the look in six easy steps!

1. The smokey crease definitely requires a long-lasting lid primer. We like MAC’s paint pot in “Let’s Skate.” Apply this all over the lid, right up to the brow bone.

2. Set the cream primer with a matte cream shadow. Ensure you are using a flat head brush and pressing the shadow down instead of swiping it across the lid.

3. Taking a taupe and or very light brown matte shadow apply to the crease of your eye with a small-tipped, fluffy brush. Take your brush from the outer corner and about three-quarters of the way inward. Blend this in 4 or 5 times, and continually add shadow to acquire desired level of blending.

4. If you decide you want to define the crease even more, take a darker brown and/or black shadow and apply the tiniest bit to the outer corner of the crease. Taking the same blending brush, blend inwards.

5. Use an angled brush and apply the same dark brown or black shadow to the lower lash line. Buff this out with the same blending brush you used in your crease.

6. Apply two coats of mascara for some added drama and complete the rest of your makeup as you would normally and you are ready for your party ?