H&M Conscious Denim Collection

H&M Conscious Denim Collection-2

Last weekend in Toronto, H&M celebrated Nuit Blanche along with the whole city. They turned their Queen and Spadina location windows into art with a large-scale textile installation that explored the “complex narratives of textile production, including the cultural exchange that is imbedded within the garments we wear, the waste we create and sustainable initiatives for the future.”

Created by Lizz Aston, the collaboration took inspiration from their ongoing garment collecting program and was right on point (and colour) with the release of their new Conscious Denim collection which was released just a few days ago. The collection has something in it for men, women, and children, all created from sustainable materials with the help of Spanish denim consultants Jeanologia. The range keeps in mind the environmental impact, such as the amount of energy and water used on the washes to temper and design denim, cutting down on the amount of water and energy used completely in half.

We’re particularly loving the denim onesie, the washed organic cotton crewnecks, and the quilted denim jacket in the collection and can’t wait to shop it in store.

Flip through the lookbook below and watch the video feature on the collection as well.

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H&M Conscious Denim Collection-4

H&M Conscious Denim Collection