Hinds & The Parrots Share Double Cover Music Video

A couple months back, Madrid bands Hinds (On the Rise) and The Parrots released a split 7″ on Burger Records. On it, Hinds covered “Davey Crockett” by Thee Headcoatees and The Parrots took on “All My Loving” by The Almighty Defenders. The two bands have come together again with director Marc Oller (and production by CANADA) for a double music video featuring both bands and both covers. The whole thing is a fun singalong romp with glitter, gold paint and good times.

As the bands told Pitchfork:

” we are 7 dudes born and raised in madrid and we’ve been friends since ever; we’ve lived from our puberty years to currently issues like not having money to pay the rent or [recording] our firsts albums. we did a split 7” vinyl with BURGER RECORDS with two covers of songs we both usually end our gigs with because we love them. so suddenly the idea of shooting a movie with CANADA (our music-videos-educator) was kind of a dream. plus, this one is the first not-home-made-music-video for both bands. Felt great. But keep the budget low.”

Check out the double music video above. Hinds are set to release their debut album Leave Me Alone out January 8, 2016, via Mom + Pop.