High Premium Familia Dunks By Nike Skateboarding

High Premium Familia Dunks By Nike SBNike Skateboarding has teamed up with the Familia skate shop in Minneapolis to create the next entry in their Nike SB Dunk line of sneakers. The theme for this shoe is lumberjack character Paul Bunyan and Babe his loveable blue ox. The blue body of the shoe has embossed, synthetic leather which represents Babe’s hide, paired with this is a blue suede paneling, housed above a blue bottom sole.

Together, Nike SB and Familia created a custom embroidered emblem, that features an ox head and two crossing axes, which they’ve placed at the heel. They’ve also redone the iconic Nike swoosh so that it resembles a yellow ox horn. To bring it all together, the inner lining matches Bunyan’s signature look with a black and red flannel pattern. Grab your pair when these kicks drop on Nike’s online store on July 4th, at 10 AM EDT.