Hercules and Love Affair “Do You Feel the Same?” + LP Announcement

Hercules and Love Affair The Feast of the Broken Heart

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Hercles and Love Affair, but with the help of Andy Butler, the dream dance team returns with a new album set for release on May 26th via Moshi Moshi. It’s their third album since 2011’s Blue Songs and they’ve also graced this announcement with a brand new song called “Do You Feel the Same?” which features vocals from Gustaph. 

The rest of the album features vocal input from Rouge Mary, John Grant, and Krystle Warren as well as co-production by Ha-Ze Factory and Mark Pistel. 

Give the shiny new track a listen below and stay tuned for more in the coming weeks leading up to the release!

The Feast of the Broken Heart:

01 Hercules Theme 2014
02 My Offence [ft. Krystle Warren]
03 I Try to Talk to You [ft. John Grant]
04 That’s Not Me [ft. Gustaph]
05 Think [ft. Rouge Mary]
06 5.43 to Freedom [ft. Rouge Mary]
07 The Light [ft. Krystle Warren]
08 Liberty [ft. John Grant]
09 Do You Feel the Same? [ft. Gustaph]
10 The Key [ft. Rouge Mary]