Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by Shepard Fairey

Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by Shepard Fairey

Hennessy continues to up their cool guy seize with another collaborative VS cognac bottle design with American contemporary street artist Shepard Fairey. Following artists like Os Gemeos, Kaws, and Futura, the Obey artist has drawn his inspiration for the limited edition bottle design from Hennessy’s rich legacy, touching on “quality, authenticity, tradition and elegance,” according to the press release.

Already a big fan of Hennessy, Fairey travelled to Cognac to experience the brand first hand, and the result is a bottle that is fully utilized from the top of the bottle right down to the label. The star icon on the label motions toward Fairey’s design heritage with the Obey brand and his artistic progression over the years.

Fairey had the following to say about his design:

“It was amazing for me to see how I could translate my art to the bottle, hopefully retaining the essence of what is beautiful and powerful about it, while bringing my own spirit to it as well.”

The limited edition bottle will be revealed across a world tour which hits Toronto this week. Watch the behind the scenes video of the bottle design and stay tuned for our coverage on the Toronto reveal in the coming days.