Do you remember your very first cell phone? Maybe it was a Samsung Uproar, the first device to play mp3 files, or maybe it was a classic brick phone. The nostalgia is strong.

Cell phone technology has grown at a rapid-fire pace in the last 30ish years. Over the last few years, however, most innovations have been on the subtler side, with enhancements focusing on the finer details, like higher tech cameras, or removing a home screen button. Until now. Samsung has launched its newest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold and it is unlike anything else. Cue screams of excitement, because it does. not. disappoint. The Galaxy Fold, now available exclusively at Samsung Experience Stores across the country is, as you guessed it, a folding phone with two screens.

This sleek, black phone (Cosmos Black to be precise) can go from a smartphone-sized device to a tablet (7.3 inches tall) in no time and is still slim enough to fit in your back pocket, fanny pack or bag. With a hinge that locks in place gracefully, the phone is built to close intuitively like a book, and was tested hundreds of thousands of times by Samsung to ensure it holds up to everyday use. The Galaxy Fold is made of a polymer material layered for slim flexibility, providing the minimalist vibe we’re looking for while still feeling sturdy. Samsung also considered the grip carefully. Compact enough to hold with one hand, they’ve taken the time to ensure the way you hold the phone feels natural and ergonomic.


Once unfolded, the Multi Active Window feature allows you to run three apps simultaneously; gone are the days of tediously swiping through multiple windows. Change your podcast, text your mom and snap a photo without navigating through your phone searching for the right app. With all that screen real estate, it feels super spacious – even when running three programs at once.

Speaking of photos, one of the most incredible features on the Galaxy Fold is the camera. By ‘camera’, we mean six cameras. Yup. Ultra wide, wide angle, RGB depth, telephoto, plus two selfie cameras. The opportunities are endless. Plus, when unfolded, the entire camera serves as your viewfinder, and with a 4:3 ratio, the display shows you exactly what the camera sensor sees. In addition to this, the Galaxy Fold also comes with additional photo and video features, including Night Mode for those tricky low light shows and Live Focus for striking portraits and video. IG selfie videos, capturing footage at shows and all our travel needs will now look that much more profesh.

And lastly, battery life. Samsung anticipated our needs by developing a dual battery, an innovative addition that combines the energy from two batteries into one power source. Plus, you can even use your phone to charge your other wireless charging devices, such as a smartwatch or earbuds, or give a friend’s phone a wireless charging boost thanks to Wireless PowerShare. The future? We think so.

The Galaxy Fold (available in Cosmos Black exclusively in Canada) is now available for $2,599 at all Samsung Experience Stores across Canada.

** This post was made possible by Samsung Canada. Opinions expressed are our own.