Hands-on with the ‘Original’ LD West Holster

LD West Holster

To say that I was completely blown away when I first laid eyes on this vegan leather-made holster would be a grand understatement.

I mean, at first sight, I didn’t know what to think; was it just a holster? was it suspenders? both? What I did know is that whatever it was, LD West now had my attention. So, being my tenacious self, I immediately set out to find out more about it.

I opened the meticulously packaged box, took the two pouches out, and attached them to the respective elastic bands. The result is what you see above. A product that is not quite suspenders; not quite a gun holster; but still fashion-friendly enough confidently rock atop a t-shirt, over a dress shirt, or under a blazer.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking: “Corey, that looks absolutely ridiculous”. While I would normally nonchalantly listen and not care enough to really think much of it, this time around I do empathize with the feeling; it does take a bit of getting used to, looks-wise. However, once you look past the design and think about the concept and thought behind it, you realize that this holster is for your chest what the belt has become for your waste: an accessory that isn’t necessary to live with, but one that will make life easier when in use.

How you might ask? Well, friend, let me tell you: nowadays, like it or not, our jeans are only getting slimmer and tighter – or more ‘fitted’ if you will. This fitted feel leaves little to the imagination and less in terms of pocket space for a wallet and phone. The result? Most of our tighter jeans have an indent from our wallets (or phone). This indent won’t go away and makes the jeans look more worn than they actually are. Another caveat of tight jeans? Most of us when we sit down unconsciously take our phone (or wallet) out of our pockets and leave them on the table or desk we’re sitting at. This can not only come across as disrespectful to some, but in many cases can lead to a forgotten – and subsequently lost – phone or wallet.

Not anymore.

Stylish. Comfortable. Convenient. You can store your phone (all iPhones, most Android devices, and even your BlackBerry – solely depends on the size of the pouch you opt for) and wallet in a safe, secure, and accessible place; leave them there, and not look back until you need ’em.

It’s been a week since I got my hands on the holster and I’ve worn it every day, almost religiously. It’s become such a part of my daily routine, akin to a belt, that I feel weird a) not wearing it and b) uncomfortable continuing to put my wallet and phone in my pocket.

LD West is a proudly Canadian company and their proprietary holsters are both well designed and well made.

Grab one here before your friends do, and keep yourself ahead of the hustle.