Halsey Shares “New Americana” Music Video

Blue-haired disrupter Halsey shared the highly anticipated music video for her hit “New Americana.”  Much of what Halsey’s been saying and proving through the devotion of her fans plays out in the dystopian video. It opens with the arid desert landscape we’ve become familiar with in her Badlands album art work. Halsey acts as the reluctant yet strong leader of a group of misfits. Their camp gets raided and they’re put to the test.

Halsey’s been shattering everyone’s expectations over the last year. She shares a great deal of herself with her fans and, in turn, they’re pretty ride or die. Watch “New Americana” above to see the rest. Keep a close eye on the ending, where you hear the beginning of “Drive,” another great track off her debut album Badlands. Could that be the next single?

Halsey embarks on a sold out North American tour this month.