As we slowly move past the pandemic, our attention is once again drawn back to the ever-increasing issue of global climate change. Honestly, it’s a good thing as we need to find sustainable and humane solutions for our massive consumer goods production industry. Luxury brands like Hermès and Stella McCartney have been experimenting with a mushroom-based leather alternative called mycelium, and now, Gucci has announced its own exclusive leather-like material called Demetra.  Made from 77 percent plant-based raw materials, including bio-based polyurethane, viscose, and sustainably sourced wood compounds.

Gucci spent two years perfecting the new material and is hoping this is the future for their own in-house products. Since leather production comes with a whole lot of its own issues including animal cruelty, while livestock farming is a notorious source of greenhouse gases, Demetra should help to curb this while making the Italian luxury brand ready for the ever-evolving future.

To celebrate the announcement of their new sustainable material offering, Gucci has released three new men’s and women’s sneaker models made from the new material. Coming in the always popular dad shoe Rhyton, the brand new basketball-inspired Basket silhouette, and the Stan Smith clone New Ace. All three sneakers are available now in-store and online.