Gucci has shared a series of hilarious fashion memes in honour of the Italian luxury label’s new watch collection, Les Marché Des Merveilles.

The fashion house took to Instagram this morning to unveil the campaign, dubbed #TFWGucci (That Feeling When Gucci).

Brooklyn-based culture writer Kyle Chayka expressed in a statement on Gucci’s website:

“To launch the new Le Marché des Merveilles collection of watches, Gucci commissioned international artists curated by Alessandro Michele to develop original imagery. The images were then given to a new class of viral creators already famous on Twitter and Instagram to turn into new memes. The result is a curated collection of captioned art designed to help viewers express themselves online. Adapted from a popular meme, That Feeling When Gucci is about the moment of putting on one of the watches, when the world suddenly becomes different and time slows down a little bit.”

Take a look at some of our favourite memes below and head over to to view the rest.