In honour of the upcoming Milan Design Week, Italian luxury house Gucci has cooked up something very cool and inevitably highly collectible: a limited edition sneaker. Named the Gucci Cub3d, the new sneaker combines 3D-printed pieces with the House’s own Demetra material. This is the first time Gucci has utilized 3D-printed elements in a sneaker, which can be found in the distinct sole, which was created using the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technique, which creates a lattice structure inspired by the polyhedron. The geometrical polyhedron shape has fascinated thinkers for centuries due to its mathematical beauty and efficiency, which helps, in this case, to give shape to the sole’s reticular design. The sculptural design of the sole is intended to pay homage to modern architecture and design, while at the same time being lightweight with the ability to absorb shock. aka a functional sneaker.


The Gucci Cub3d’s upper is made primarily from Demetra, Gucci’s groundbreaking material that combines quality, softness, and durability. Customized for the new sneaker, the material is from 70% plant-based raw materials from primarily renewable and bio-based sources. Additional materials used for the upper contain 100% recycled polyester and internal materials contain 88% recycled polyester and leather made through a metal-free or chrome-free tanning process. They take sustainability very seriously in Europe.

This completely unique collectible sneaker will be produced in a limited run of 20 pairs, each serigraphed with a unique serial number from 1 to 20. It will be presented in a special dedicated packaging and unveiled at the House’s Via Monte Napoleone flagship boutique during Milan Design Week from April 14.