Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor Announces Cookbook ‘Twenty Dinners’

Chris Taylor Twenty Dinners

We always knew Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear and Terrible Records was cooler than the rest. Not only is he an incredibly talented musician but he’s also an amazing cook, or so we’ve heard over the years when he hinted at working on a cookbook. He’s just announced the title and the cover of said cookbook which is set for relies on April 7th, 2015 via Random House.

It’s co-authored by Ithai Schori and features twenty full dinners, from start to finish, since he loves hosting and throwing dinner parties. According to the Grizzly Bear tumblr, Grizzly Bear Galore, the description of the book is as follows:

When he’s on tour with his band Grizzly Bear, the thing Chris Taylor misses most about home is the kitchen and the company. With his friend Ithai Schori, the two are constantly cooking dinner parties for four to forty, using skills Chris learned from his mom and techniques Ithai picked up in high-end restaurants. Their food is full of smart techniques that make everything taste just a little better than you thought possible—like toasting nuts by swirling them in browned butter, or burning apples over a flame for a complex, charred applesauce—but their style is laid-back and unhurried. This is about cooking not just for but with your friends, and so the authors enlisted their favorite pastry chef, mixologist, sommelier, and baristas to write detailed material on wine, desserts, stocking a home bar, and mixing drinks, and buying and brewing fantastic coffee. Through more than 100 seasonally-arranged recipes and gorgeous, evocative photographs of their parties, you fall into their world, where you have all day to put food on the table with your friends, and where there’s always time for another cocktail in a mason jar before dinner.