Grey Goose Baccarat Gift Box

via Lost In A Supermarket

There are very few things I enjoy more then a nice, cold, vodka soda, toss in a hot day and a patio and I am in heaven. Generally speaking I am not to picky about my brands when it comes to the clear liquid-courage, but I do prefer the gentle bite of the French pride and joy, Grey Goose. Since launching in 1997, Grey Goose has single-handedly accomplished the monumental task of making the world respect French vodka. By using fine French wheat and trusting their centuries-old traditions in alcohol brewing, Grey Goose has established itself as a world class premium vodka. To continue the momentum and to elevate their brand into the luxury market they hired the Pentagram firm to create the Grey Goose Baccarat Gift Box, which contains a single bottle of Grey Goose Original and two limited-edition Baccarat lead crystal tumblers. The box itself is aesthetically beautiful, and distinguished, which helps to reinforce the lasting quality of the brand. This wonderful gift box would be perfect to bring on a picnic on a nice summers day, or even to my birthday jam at the end of the month… hint hint.