Graydon Clinical Luxury by Nature

Graydon Clinical Skin Care

Committed to taking better care of your skin this year? Just in time for New Year’s resolutions, the new GRAYDON Clinical Luxury by Nature line offers us a chance to follow through on promises while beautifying our skin at the same time.

That never-ending quest for an all natural, luxurious, made in Canada product line has come to a stop. Using the power of plant-based oils, butters, waxes, and natural essences, GRAYDON Clinical Luxury by Nature is literally food for your skin: the products use a serum made with 50 lb of fresh Canadian berries. 50 pounds! Graydon’s Produccs include an all over soap and shampoo, cleanser, all over body oil, germs away mist and, for the gentlemen, an eau pour garcon. The best part of this line is what you WON’T find inside these sleek containers: parabens, sulfates and a whole lot of other artificial additions. Better yet, the products are gluten-free, almost vegan and organic when possible.

Believe me, I know resolutions are hard to keep, but this is an easy one! Treat your skin the way it deserves to be treated, and scoop up some GRAYDON Clinical Luxury by Nature products at select Canadian retailers including Toronto’s Big Carrot, grass roots, as well as online.

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