Grace Coddington for Vogue Punk Cat Drawings

Grace Coddington for Vogue Cat Drawings

The fabulous Grace Coddington is back at the scratching post again with more cat drawings for Vogue magazine. If you’ve read her memoir you know she devoted an entire chapter of it to her beloved furry friends and following a few off the cuff comments at the Met Gala, Coddington has drawn a cat character in various punk outfits she would have liked to see at the Gala.

As if we weren’t already head over heels for Coddington, she’s gone ahead and romanced us yet again with the adorable musings. Take a flip through all the drawings below.

 grace-met-cat-1_165519323877 grace-met-cat-3_165520293302 grace-met-cat-4_165521399638