Everyone’s favourite cult beauty brand Glossier has just announced that they’re creating a candle.

A few weeks ago Glossier founder Emily Weiss let it slip that Glossier was currently working on a fragrance, and now it seems that the fragrance will be in candle form. A Glossier candle marks the brand’s first foray into lifestyle products, until now Glossier products have been strictly makeup and skincare. It’s an exciting new step for the New York-based brand. The fragrance is still in its early stages, so the Glossier team has taken to their ever popular blog, Into the Gloss, to ask readers exactly what type of scent they’re looking for.

In a recent post, Glossier product developer Melissa Souto said:

“I want to talk about vibe. When you fire up this baby, what mood are you looking to set? Where do you want the scent to take you?”

Head over to IntotheGloss.com to have your say in the brand new scent. We can’t wait to find out how the candle develops and finally light it up!