Glass Animals “Holiest” Feat. Tei-Shi

Glass Animals Gooey

Glass Animals release a brand new track off their Gooey EP today with featuring beautiful breathy vocals from New York RnB artist Tei-Shi. She sounds at times reminiscent of Lana Del Rey, but with more soul.

According to the press release the band, “wanted to work with Tei Shi because she has an amazing voice and this super-cool modern New York RnB style thing going on. So we sent her a couple beats we had lying around that we thought she could really add something to. And she sent back a great vocal about both loving and hating something. I thought it would be fun to play the character that she’s addressing in my part so the the different voices then help tell the story from two different perspectives.”

Glass Animals debut album ZABA is set to drop on April 8th via Harvey Records. Give “Holiest” a listen below.