Gildas Kitsuné Club Night Mix #2

Kitsuné co-founder Glidas Loaec has released his Club Night Mix #2, the follow up to the appropriately titled Club Night Mix #1. The mix is a solid 40 minutes of handpicked hipster bangers, including THE RAPTURE “How Deep Is Your Love?” (A-Trak remix), IS TROPICAL “Lies”, YELLE “What do you”, and more! Give the mix a listen below and get ready to add it to your Christmas playlist. Enjoy.

1. Shuriken MADEON
2. Punks Jump Up Get Down (Special Cccrash Mixxx)
3. The Magician feat JEPPE I Do not Know What To Do (Erkka remix)
4. THE RAPTURE How Deep Is Your Love? (A-Trak remix)
5. GILDAS Paris (Instrumental)
6. Chateau RACKET COVER (Punks Jump Up remix)
7. YELLE What do you (MADEON remix)
9. JUPITER Kass Limon
10. KAMP! Cairo (JBAG remix)
11. Talk Dirty OLIVER
12. JUVENILE We Are Young (YAN WAGNER remix)
13. Happy Robot Bufi
14. MARK RONSON & THE BUSINESS INTL Record Collection 2012 (PLASTIC PLATES remix)
15. CITIZENS! True Romance (Cassian remix)