Vogue Arabia’s first-ever issue sees none other than Gigi Hadid donning a gorgeous embellished headscarf on not one but two covers.

The black and white images celebrate the models own Palestinian roots, which gives it a personal touch.

Gigi took to Instagram to share her favourite cover and her thoughts:

“I think the beautiful thing about there being international Vogue’s is that, as a fashion community, we are able to celebrate, and share with the world, different cultures. Being half-Palestinian, it means the world to me to be on the first-ever cover(s) of Vogue Arabia, and I hope that this magazine will show another layer of the fashion industry’s desire to continue to accept, celebrate, and incorporate all people & customs and make everyone feel like they have fashion images and moments they can relate to.”

Take a look at the two covers below, photographed by Inez and Vinoodh.