SH: What is it that sets your formulas apart from other brands?
MT: Unlike mass-produced skin care products out there, Poetic Blend oils are all individually handmade fresh in small batches to maximize freshness. And I am not afraid to use the good stuff, and tonnes of it, especially the more expensive ingredients, like Squalane oil, that other companies will only use a dollop of to save on expenses. Squalane oil is my base oil for all three beauty oils – the Ghost Oil, the Timeless Oil and the Hero Oil – because it is a naturally occurring oil, the skin recognizes its composition and instantly absorbs it into the skin so much faster than any other oil out there. Additionally, I do not believe in using fillers – they are often inexpensive ingredients that allow manufactures to save from having to use more expensive grade elements.

SH: So tell us, what are you working on now?

MT: As a creator, I am always looking at different ways I can harmonize different ingredients together. Recently I have been obsessing over creating perfume oils. I am sick and tired of everything smelling like lavender and patchouli, as great as those scents are, my nose got bored, so I wanted to create something that smelled exotic yet familiar, floral yet intoxicating. My recent creation is the Magnolia Hair and Body Perfume Oil, which captures absolute sexiness in a bottle. It’s like porn for your nose.

SH: Which retail store would you love to see your oils in?
MT: It’s any creators dream to see their creation everywhere, but to me, overexposure could lead to brand fatigue. By that I mean, people getting tired of seeing the same product everywhere. I want Poetic Blend to be the Goyard of skin care, not the Louis Vuitton.

SH: In a dream world, which celebrity would you most love to see using your products?
MT: Kristin Kreuk! *insert prayer hands emoji*

SH: What do you feel has been your greatest success with the brand to date?

MT: If ever I need a motivational lift, I go to my Instagram and click on my tagged pictures. It is in scrolling through those pictures, where people have tagged my products in, that I feel like I’ve achieved something incredibly special – like I’ve earned the love of people who had options and choices but they chose to try my creation.

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