In honour of the release of their debut album Kill the One You Love (out today), heart-pounding soft pop duo GEMS have shared a stunning music video for their track “Soak”. Directors WACHO had this to say about the piece…

“The film portrays a young couple’s relationship mutating/deteriorating through different scenarios. What holds them together is what is making them fall apart. This destructive impulse will be personified as a menacing force, external to the couple, materialized in nature, faceless characters, darkness and confined spaces. The external force is the fear of: loneliness – the unknown – loosing identity – the void. The contradiction: pure/destructive – together/apart – light/darkness – dream/nightmare – real/surreal. Asphyxia. Sensuality.”

Also heads up, there are a couple butts, but who doesn’t like butts? Check em out + the rest of the heartbreaking video above.

GEMS’ debut album Kill the One You Love it out now on Carpark Records.