Garrett Leight California Optical celebrates five years with their SS16 collection. The brand took familiar shapes from past collections (Clare V., Mark McNairy) and explored new color combinations on some classics, mixing and matching matte finishes. The result is a collection that represents what the Souther California brand has accomplished. The Hampton and Brooks styles will even have “5 years, homies” stamped on the inner temple of their frames.

GLCO worked with new materials in this collection and collaborated with luxury accessories brand WANT Les Essentiels. For example, the Cordova frames are wrapped in leather and inspired by architecture. SS16 offers a variety of finishes, color combinations, and shapes. Founder Garrett Leight spoke of they’ve successfully collaborated with other companies and designers.

We’ve always had a profound respect for those who came before us. But what matters most is how we learned to adapt their vision to develop a design DNA that is uniquely our own. In a time when it’s more and more difficult to stand out, we’ve been able to make our own path.

SS16 is available starting tomorrow on garrettleight.comCheck out the gorgeous shoot below.

GarrettLeight_AidanDare_2015_WeAreTheRhoads_CR_0382 GarrettLeight_TerraG_2015_WeAreTheRhoads_KR_1003 GarrettLeight_SteveLee2_2015_WeAreTheRhoads_CR_9804 GarrettLeight_KatelynParker_2015_WeAreTheRhoads_KR_9492 GarrettLeight_BiancaQuinCC_2015_WeAreTheRhoads_CR_0985 GarrettLeight_BiancaQuinCC_2015_WeAreTheRhoads_CR_0896 GarrettLeight_BiancaQuin02_2015_WeAreTheRhoads_KR_2395 GarrettLeight_AjaniFlowers_2015_WeAreTheRhoads_CR_0213 GarrettLeight_TerraG_2015_WeAreTheRhoads_KR_1003 GarrettLeight_TerraG02_2015_WeAreTheRhoads_CR_0832 GarrettLeight_AjaniBiancaBW_2015_WeAreTheRhoads_CR_1249 GarrettLeight_AidanKatelyn_2015_WeAreTheRhoads_CR_0487