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Gaming Industry: Will Gaming Industry Drastically Improve in New Zealand in 2021

Why Gaming Could be the Next Big Thing in the NZ Creative Industry

Gaming is one of the activities that people gladly use to make their free time entertaining. Fortunately for all of them, video games have become available to everyone. People only need to have a decent device and a stable Wi-Fi connection.

The massive popularity of different video games has had an impact on different industries. That is the reason why many people believe gaming could be the next big thing in the NZ creative industry.

When we talk about New Zealand, things are not the same as the entire world. The film industry still remains the strongest one in the country. However, there is one essential thing that people should know. The New Zealand government is investing large amounts of money in the film industry each year. Because of that, New Zealand films managed to become popular in all parts of the world.

On the other hand, the gaming industry has not got the necessary support as some other subfields of the creative industry. However, it seems that things are going in the right direction. Gaming is not experiencing popularity growth only in New Zealand. The same trend is visible in all parts of the world. Yet, as we said, it seems that things are changing. Gaming is slowly becoming the next big thing in the creative industry. That is the subject we should analyze together.

The Development of the Online Gambling

People in New Zealand can enjoy different games. The sports lover will manage to enjoy different sports games. Despite that, people can also enjoy action, strategy, mystery, and other game genres. However, it seems that the online gambling industry is also experiencing popularity growth.

There is a big reason why gambling sites are taking over traditional casinos. People like to enjoy the game from the comfort of their room. They do not have to go to the land-based casinos and gamble with hundreds of other people. Instead of that, they can enjoy the same activity in peace and silence.

The big number of professional online casinos is one of the reasons why gaming could be the next big thing in the creative industry. Of course, it would be unfair to say that all of them are equally good. Platforms like this one can help people find the best online gambling NZ opportunities. In that way, they can be sure they will enjoy gambling to the fullest.

Gaming Startups Are Starting to Grow in New Zealand

The number of gaming startups in New Zealand is not small. However, for a long period, there were not reaching some bigger successes. Some of the most popular ones were Grinding Gear Games, Pik Pok, Into the Dead, etc. Fortunately, in the last couple of years, people could see some other names on the list of successful gaming startups.

Yet, some comparisons confirm New Zealand is full of talented game developers. The New Zealand Game Developers Association make certain comparisons. They compared New Zealand with countries that have a similar level of game industry maturity. The country they used for comparison is Finland.

In 2011, the Finish gaming industry made 250 million euros (similar to New Zealand). On the other hand, five years later, the gaming developing companies made around 2.5 billion euros. However, the industry itself got massive support from the government in the meantime.

In that period, New Zealand authorities were more focused on the film and music industry. The same trend hasn’t changed a lot, but some insights confirm things will be different. A good example of that is the so-called Interactive Development Fund. That fund offers financial assistance to all the video game developers.

Involvement of Virtual Reality

The good news is that the global gaming industry is improving in different ways. One of the innovations is the involvement of virtual reality technology. All the games that people play in New Zealand started to look more realistic. We can use online casinos as an example to make things clear.

As we said, online casinos are slowly taking over the traditional ones. However, it seems that there won’t be a big difference between these two types of casinos. People will manage to enjoy realistic scenes, machines, poker rooms, and other stuff from the comfort of their room. Of course, virtual reality hasn’t reached its full potential so far. However, New Zealand developers are following the latest trends. The number of casinos that will apply the same technology will grow in the future.

Gaming Is Becoming Popular in All Parts of the World

Becoming a professional gamer is not an easy task. People need to improve their skills promptly to reach their goals. That way of living requires certain sacrification. Despite that, competition in the gaming field is tough in all parts of the world.

Tough competition may be another insight that confirms the government will start supporting the industry. When you look closer, all the numbers associated with gaming revenue are big. Only in 2020, the value of the gaming market is around 162 billion dollars. According to different researches, the value can reach 295 billion dollars in the next five years.

That could be a good sign for the government to financially support the gaming industry. A couple of funds are not enough to provide the necessary support in today’s world. Yet, the New Zealand gaming industry revenue will start to grow a lot if the number of funds becomes bigger.

Bonus: Ways How Government Can Potentially Support Gaming Industry

Here comes the part that many people are probably waiting for. The task of the New Zealand government is to bring large studios to New Zealand. They can support the gaming entrepreneurs with different tax credits and other financial incentives.

Montreal is an excellent example of why that move would make gaming the next big thing in the creative industry. For just a couple of years, that town has become the fifth-largest gaming development capital in the world. Believe it or not, that industry is employing more than 10000 people. The Canadian did the identical thing. They supported development studios with tax credits, and they managed to make progress quickly.

On the other hand, attracting new senior game developers will improve the entire industry as well. They could share the knowledge and experience with many young developers in New Zealand. In that way, the entire gaming industry will go to another level.

Final Thought

It doesn’t matter how popular the gaming industry in New Zealand is. Its impact on the entire creative industry will probably be strong. However, the demands of players, as well as government support, play a key role. Both things are slowly starting to change. Sooner or later, gaming will reach popularity in New Zealand, like in any other country in the world.