Freshjive “How to Roll a Blunt” Video

This video is pretty much amazing! Freshjive presents the second video in their new Moving Pictures series titled “How to Roll a Blunt.” The short video is a minute and a bit of a woman in a bathing suit rolling up a blunt and then blazing it. Again, it’s pretty much amazing. Watch the video below and learn something.


1 blunt Wrap (Cigarillo, Optimo, Swisher Sweet etc.)
1 lighter
1 gram or more of marijuana


– Break open blunt and dispose of tobacco guts.

– Moisten wrap with saliva by licking around the edges.

– Fill wrap with marijuana, equally distributing it throughout the wrap.

– Placing the wrap between the thumb, index and middle fingers, begin to roll the closer edge of the wrap under the opposite side.

– Starting from one side to the other, begin tucking one edge of the wrap into the other to form a cylinder around the marijuana.

– Once rolled, seal the open edge of the blunt with saliva, licking it from one end to the other.

– Using your lighter slowly bring the flame across the sealed edges to harden the blunt before consumption.

– Light either end of the blunt and enjoy.